Lanette Fidrych Photography

My Name is Lanette Fidrych.  I'm a serial hobbyist and I'm obsessed with clouds and the sky. Literally watching the world come to life from the first silver glow to full burning sun is one of my favorite pass times.  Second to that is watching the day close  the same way it came but in reverse. Watching the moon creep over the horizon with its silver glow, seeing the stars peak out one by one, it makes me feel like a kid in awe of its vastness.

“Nature is full of magic and color. Don't miss it ” 

A creator by nature I love gardening, painting, sewing, making bean to bar chocolate, roasting coffee, baking, playing with my dogs and writing satire. I am never bored and love my solitude

Photography to me is different than all of these physical things.  Its moments I can capture and hold before they slip away.  Magical moments in time I can share.  Each one of them feels like a little gift I got to experience and pass along. I did't create it, I just caught it for everyone to see in their own space and time. 

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